thumb|right|300px|bachata (dance) Bachata is a style of dance that accompanies the Bachata (music). It has its origins in the Dominican Republic. thumb|300px|right|bachata dancing

The basic dance sequence is a full 8 count in a side-to-side motion although, traditionally it was a back and forth motion. Counts 1 through 3 and 5 through 7, when taken, generate a natural hip motion. Counts 4 and 8, consists of a “pop” movement. The "pop" depending on a person’s style is executed lifting or tapping a foot or using stylish footwork while popping the hip to the side opposite of the natural Cuban hip motion. Bachata music has a slight accent in rhythm at every fourth count, indicating when the “pop” should happen. Note: The “pop” will always be done in the opposite direction of the last step, while the next step will be taken on the same direction of the pop.

Basic stepEdit

Start with the male stepping left, with Cuban hip motion, and the female moving right also with Cuban hip motion. The dance direction will interchange at every 4th count. In order to remain in time with the music, start with a tap of the right foot in tune with the musical change in rhythm. Then, Stepping with left foot; 1, 2, 3 and pop with right, then change direction and with right foot step 5, 6, 7 and pop. Repeat. [Video:BACHATA - Figures|thumb|300px|right|bachata dancing]]==Dance Variations==

  • Modern Bachata (Nueva bachata) is the new version of the traditional Bachata brought about through the younger generation of Bachata dancers. This style incorporates more free style moves. This involves intricate footwork: Enchufles, Lock steps, Guapacha (dance)s, slides, etc. The female, along with the male, will incorporate the footwork with a difference being in her isolated hip movements within the Cuban hip motion.
  • Rueda de Bachata is inspired by Cuban Rueda de Casino. A group of couples dance basic Bachata in a circle while a leader calls out set moves executed in unison by the whole group, often with partner changes. Originated in the Dominican Republic.
  • Bachata Tango (Bachatango) is a style of dance incorporating Tango styling. It is characterized by embellished kicks, dips, turns and long pauses generally used in Tango as well as other popular Latin Dances. This dance is performed in a very close position with fewer elaborated foot styling than Bachata due it's focus being more on sensuality. It focuses on overextended Cuban hip motion. The basic steps are the same 8 count as Bachata only that it produces a side to side motion, while occasionally moving back and forth. The “pop” count will be used to add elaborated sensuality and varied Latin dance styles. Although this dance has been used to dance to Bachata, it has evolved to being used to dance to Tango as well. It should be noted that 'Bachatango' is a foreign introduction and is unheard of in the Dominican Republic - Bachata's country of origin.