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This is a copy of an image on Commons, uploaded as a local copy to allow it to be protected. It is protected because it is used in several system messages.

The description from the Commons copy follows:

The Wikimedia Commons logo, SVG version.

This version created by Pumbaa80, using a proper partial circle and SVG geometry features. (Former versions used to be slightly warped.)

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SVG version euh created by User:Grunt and cleaned up by User:3247, based on the earlier PNG version, created by User:Reidab.

Message from the original creator, Reidab:

"I'd be happy for the copyright to be transfered to the Wikimedia Foundation. I'll clean it up a bit and then sent it off to you. I think that illustrator can export to an svg, but if it can't, I'll send is as an eps."

Our logo policy is that the logo copyright is held by the Wikimedia Foundation.