thumb|300px|right|salsa how to thumb|300px|right|Learn how to dance salsa!!!!!!To dance salsa the man have to put there hand out with there palm facing up and the woman hold his hand with palm facing down.The man's right hand to the left hip and woman's left hand on man's shoulder.

Men's StepsEdit

  1. The man is the leader ladies follow the man's steps step up with left foot use small steps it is faster and nice.
  2. Get back to your first step than leave your feet how they are.step than slide your left foot back just a little behind your right foot.
  3. Opposite as step 1 step in your spot with your left foot not moving anywhere. slide your right foot just a little behind your left balancing on both feet.


Ladies stepsEdit

  1. Step back with right foot. step in place with left foot bring your right foot a little past the left.
  2. Follow the man and do the oppisite.
  3. Repeat and have fun dancing salsa!