Conjunto is taken from Spanish, literally meaning group, from the latin coniunctus. It is used in Mexico, and Cuba.

Habanera is a genre of popular Cuban dance music of the 19th century.

Nueva canicion is a movement in Latin Aamerican music that was developed first in the southern cone of south America.

Cha cha cha is a type of dance in cuba.Rumba is a family of percussive rhythms,song and dance.

Samba is a brazilian musical genre derived from African and European roots. Salsa is a dance for salsa  music created Spanish speaking people from the Caribbean. Mambo is a type of latin dance in cuba. Danza is a musical genre native to the Caribbean.

Merengue is a style of latin american music and dance with a two step beat. Tumba is a native musical form that is played in Aruba. Bachata is a  style of dance that accompanies the music of the same name in d.r. Cumbia is a Colombian musical style and folk dance that is considered to be representative of Colombia.